The Transmutation of Non-Positive Thought - Page 1

SERENITY is the child of Love - if you give life to Love, Serenity will live in abundance. This advice is very new, and it is worthy of repetition, for it is a lesson of which we are greatly in need. Some people think that if we give life to Love and Serenity we will be able to accomplish anything. I have read editorials in the great journals in which the writers held that with Serenity one can accomplish any of the great tasks of life, because Serenity is necessary to get things done. This is the truth, no matter who utters it. Serenity always helps one to accomplish anything; it clears the way for accomplishment and attainment.

The motive underlying action and "doing things" is Desire and Interest. If one earnestly desires a thing, they naturally become very much interested in its accomplishment, and are quick to seize upon anything likely to help them to gain the thing they want. More than that, their mind starts up a work on the subconscious plane that brings into the field of consciousness many ideas of value and importance. Desire and Interest are the causes that result in success. It is true that if one's surroundings and environments become tolerable, they are relaxed in calmness to some easiness that will result in bringing  on the desirable conditions and in the acquiring of those more in harmony with their desire. This is realized Desire - the person desires something different from what they have; and when their desire becomes strong enough their entire interest is given to the task, they make a mighty effort, and the change is accomplished. It was Desire that caused the effort. Desire motivates action, "Joy is me," gets up the nerve, to accomplish something. Desire acts. It grows weaker as the persons conditions become tolerable, and finally when they feel the peace so strongly that they can sit and relax, they say, "I will sit - l will allow," and lo! Then Serenity walks in. The person keeps on "allowing" in the best way and their Interest and Attention being given to the task of allowing, they begin to make things stay still. Serenity always accomplishes something.

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