How to become susceptible to healthful Thought Attraction - Page 3

Let your prevailing thought be "I Can and I Will;" think "I Can and I Will;" dream "I Can and I Will;" say "I Can and I Will;" and act "I Can and I Will". Live on the "I Can and I and Will" plane, and before you are aware of it, you will feel the new vibrations manifesting themselves in action; will see them bring results; will be conscious of the new point of view; will realize that your own is coming to you. You will feel better, act better, see better, BE better in every way, after you join the "I Can and I Will" club.

Love is the parent of Serenity, Kindness, Generosity, Peace, Harmony, Content, Success and all the rest. The person who fills themselves with Love will find that the rest of the family has appeared. The only way to be Free is to Love. Sew it in by the roots. I regard the surrender to Love as the first important step to be taken by those who wish to master the application of Thought Force. So long as Love masters you, you are in the best condition to make progress in the realm of Thought, and I must insist that you start to work at once to get this aid. You CAN do it - if you only go about it in earnest. And when you have immersed yourself in what you love, life will seem entirely different to you - you will feel happier, freer, stronger, more positive, and will be more successful in every undertaking of Life.

Start it today, make up your mind that this member must STAY - do compromise matters with it, insist upon an absolute surrender on your part. You will find the task easy at first, but each time you surrender it, it will grow stronger, and you will be stronger. Turn on its nourishment - feed it to live - it can live in a thought atmosphere of Loving. So, start to fill your mind with good, strong, Loving thoughts - keep yourself busy thinking of what you Love, and Love will live of its own accord. Love is positive, and you may be sure that the positive will prevail.

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