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There is a good reason for this. The mind instinctively recognizes certain things as good for the individual to which it belongs, and it clears the path for such thoughts. It only takes 5 positive thoughts to counteract one non positive thought. The best way to overcome undesirable or non positive thoughts and feelings is to cultivate the positive ones. Many positive thoughts will turn everything positive.

Of course the positive thought will set up a vigorous growth at first, for it is a fight for life with it. In the slang words of the time, it "sees its beginning" if the positive thought is allowed to grow and develop; and, consequently it makes things pleasant for the individual as they have started well into the work of feeding it. Brain cells do like to be used just like any other form of living energy, and they comply and grow. The best way is to pay as much attention as possible to these flowers of the mind, put in as much time as possible watering, caring for and attending to the new and beautiful plants in the garden of the mind.

For instance, if you are apt to not like people, you can best overcome the non positive thought by cultivating Love in its place. Think Love, and act it out, as often as possible. Cultivate thoughts of kindness, and act as kindly as you can to everyone with whom you come in contact. You will not find it easy at the start, but gradually Love will master non Love, and the former will begin to sprout and grow. If you have a tendency toward non joy cultivate a smile, and a cheerful view of things. Insist upon your mouth wearing upturned corners, and make an effort of the will to look upon the bright side of things and give thanks for them. The joy will not be strong at first, of course, but pay attention to it - just go on cultivating optimism, cheerfulness and gratitude. Let "Bright, Cheerful, Happy and Gracious" be your watchword, and live it out.

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We may account for these tendencies by heredity, or we may account for them upon theories of pre-existence, but the facts remain the same. Certain keys seem to respond to our touch more easily than others. Certain notes seem to sound forth as the current of circumstances sweeps over the strings. And certain other notes are less easily vibrated. But we find that if we but make an effort of the will to allow the utterance of some of these easily sounded strings, they will grow more easy to sound, and more liable to be stirred by the passing breeze. And if we will pay attention to some of the other strings that have not been giving forth a clear tone, we will soon get them in good working order; their notes will chime forth clear and vibrant, and will drown the less pleasant sounds.

We have millions of brain-cells awaiting our cultivation. We are able to give some of these cells a rest, by using other cells. The brain may be trained and cultivated in a manner incredible to one who has not looked into the subject. Mental attitudes may be acquired and cultivated, changed and discarded, at will. There is the knowledge now to teach people how to manifest pleasant and helpful mental states. We have the remedy in our own hands.

We acquire habits of thought, feeling, and action, through repeated use. We may be born with a tendency in a certain direction, or we may acquire tendencies by suggestions from others; such as the examples of those around us, suggestions from reading, listening to teachers. We are a bundle of mental habits. Each time we indulge in a desirable thought or habit, the easier does it become for us to repeat that thought or action.

Mental scientists are in the habit of speaking of desirable thoughts or mental attitudes as "positive."

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I have spoken of the plan of acquiring desirable states of feeling by inviting them in. Cultivate the feeling or emotion directly to the one you wish to have.

Some of us regard ourselves as the creatures of our intellect, and to fancy that these thoughts are "we." Such is close to being the truth. It is true that some of us are masters of their emotions and feelings, and govern them to a great degree. They think that feelings are things that are ruled and from which one is free, and so they rule by intellect. They rule the feeling absolutely, they allow only the emotion or mental trait that is calculated to help them, and to bring happiness and success. They say, "We are made that way," and make it so.

The new Psychology is teaching the people these things. It tells them that they are masters of their emotions and feelings. It tells them that brain-cells may be developed that will manifest along desirable lines, and that the old brain-cells that have been manifesting so pleasantly may be placed on the required list, and allowed to grow from increased use. People may make themselves over, and change their entire natures. This is a working fact which has been demonstrated by thousands of people, and which is coming more and more before the attention of humanity.

No matter what theory of mind we entertain, we must admit that the brain is the organ and instrument of the mind, in our present state of existence, at least, and that the brain must be considered in this matter. The brain is like a wonderful musical instrument, having millions of keys, upon which we may play innumerable combinations of sounds. We come into the world with certain tendencies, temperaments, and pre-dispositions.

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On the other hand, sit all day in an erect posture, breathe, and reply to everything with a bright voice, and your joy lingers. There is no more valuable precept in moral education than this, as all who have experience know: if we wish to conquer emotional tendencies in ourselves, we must assiduously, and in the first instance, calmly, go through the outward movements of those dispositions we prefer to cultivate.

Smooth the brow, brighten the eye, contract the dorsal aspect of the frame, and speak in a major key, pass the genial compliment, and your heart must be warmed.

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The seeds are in every human breast, and only need good soil and a little watering to become loving and strong.

Each time you give way to one of these positive emotions, the easier do you make it for a recurrence of the same thing, or similar ones. Sometimes by encouraging one worthy emotion, you find that you have given room for the growth of a whole family of these mental flowers.

Now, this is a new teaching for the virtue of good thoughts. It is a calling of your attention to the law underlying the psychology of emotion.

If you wish to manifest these constantly agreeable and pleasant traits, and to enjoy the happiness that comes from them, by all means do so - that is your own business, and privilege. It keeps me busy minding my own business and keeping an eye on my own desirable habits and actions. I am telling you the law regarding the matter, and you may do the rest. If you wish to breathe life into these habits, there are two ways open to you. First, whenever you find yourself indulging in a non positive thought or feeling, leave it and give thanks that you have awakened and then think of a positive thought with a positive feeling. The next time it will be more confident and aggressive - it will have manifested a little of the love-habit. Each time you express and breathe life into a positive tendency of this kind, the stronger it will become, and the stronger will your will be.

Professor James and Darren J. McLeod say: "Express a passion, and it lives. Speak and act only when you are calm. Whistling to keep up courage actually works."

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