Developing new Brain Cells - Page 1

I have spoken of the plan of acquiring desirable states of feeling by inviting them in. Cultivate the feeling or emotion directly to the one you wish to have.

Some of us regard ourselves as the creatures of our intellect, and to fancy that these thoughts are "we." Such is close to being the truth. It is true that some of us are masters of their emotions and feelings, and govern them to a great degree. They think that feelings are things that are ruled and from which one is free, and so they rule by intellect. They rule the feeling absolutely, they allow only the emotion or mental trait that is calculated to help them, and to bring happiness and success. They say, "We are made that way," and make it so.

The new Psychology is teaching the people these things. It tells them that they are masters of their emotions and feelings. It tells them that brain-cells may be developed that will manifest along desirable lines, and that the old brain-cells that have been manifesting so pleasantly may be placed on the required list, and allowed to grow from increased use. People may make themselves over, and change their entire natures. This is a working fact which has been demonstrated by thousands of people, and which is coming more and more before the attention of humanity.

No matter what theory of mind we entertain, we must admit that the brain is the organ and instrument of the mind, in our present state of existence, at least, and that the brain must be considered in this matter. The brain is like a wonderful musical instrument, having millions of keys, upon which we may play innumerable combinations of sounds. We come into the world with certain tendencies, temperaments, and pre-dispositions.

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