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SERENITY is the child of Love - if you give life to Love, Serenity will live in abundance. This advice is very new, and it is worthy of repetition, for it is a lesson of which we are greatly in need. Some people think that if we give life to Love and Serenity we will be able to accomplish anything. I have read editorials in the great journals in which the writers held that with Serenity one can accomplish any of the great tasks of life, because Serenity is necessary to get things done. This is the truth, no matter who utters it. Serenity always helps one to accomplish anything; it clears the way for accomplishment and attainment.

The motive underlying action and "doing things" is Desire and Interest. If one earnestly desires a thing, they naturally become very much interested in its accomplishment, and are quick to seize upon anything likely to help them to gain the thing they want. More than that, their mind starts up a work on the subconscious plane that brings into the field of consciousness many ideas of value and importance. Desire and Interest are the causes that result in success. It is true that if one's surroundings and environments become tolerable, they are relaxed in calmness to some easiness that will result in bringing  on the desirable conditions and in the acquiring of those more in harmony with their desire. This is realized Desire - the person desires something different from what they have; and when their desire becomes strong enough their entire interest is given to the task, they make a mighty effort, and the change is accomplished. It was Desire that caused the effort. Desire motivates action, "Joy is me," gets up the nerve, to accomplish something. Desire acts. It grows weaker as the persons conditions become tolerable, and finally when they feel the peace so strongly that they can sit and relax, they say, "I will sit - l will allow," and lo! Then Serenity walks in. The person keeps on "allowing" in the best way and their Interest and Attention being given to the task of allowing, they begin to make things stay still. Serenity always accomplishes something.

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So long as Love is around with its "and," "also," "let's," "I'm happy," "I can," "It's perfect," and all the rest of its loving suggestions, you will be able to use your Thought Force to the best advantage. With love in your life, you will have clear sailing, and every inch of thought- sail will catch the wind. Love is a keeper. Onboard with it! (The ship that keeps Love will have my congratulations.)

I advise that you start in to do some of the things which you feel you could do that you would Love to do. Start to work to do these things, affirming Love all the way through, and you will be surprised to see how the changed mental attitude will keep your path clear, and will make things very much easier. Exercises of this kind will develop you wonderfully, and you will be much gratified at the result of a little practice along these lines.

There are many things before you awaiting accomplishment, which you can master by placing Love front and center - accept the command, and boldly assert the "I" and its power. And the best way to build Love is to assert "Love" and start thinking of things you Love. By this plan you will train the mind into new habits of thought, thus creating new positive thoughts which will pull you up, and push you forward. Take the word "Love" with you as your watchword and manifest it in action.

Remember, the only thing is to Love, and - well, do even love Love, for it is a courageous ally, who will stand with you.

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Let your prevailing thought be "I Can and I Will;" think "I Can and I Will;" dream "I Can and I Will;" say "I Can and I Will;" and act "I Can and I Will". Live on the "I Can and I and Will" plane, and before you are aware of it, you will feel the new vibrations manifesting themselves in action; will see them bring results; will be conscious of the new point of view; will realize that your own is coming to you. You will feel better, act better, see better, BE better in every way, after you join the "I Can and I Will" club.

Love is the parent of Serenity, Kindness, Generosity, Peace, Harmony, Content, Success and all the rest. The person who fills themselves with Love will find that the rest of the family has appeared. The only way to be Free is to Love. Sew it in by the roots. I regard the surrender to Love as the first important step to be taken by those who wish to master the application of Thought Force. So long as Love masters you, you are in the best condition to make progress in the realm of Thought, and I must insist that you start to work at once to get this aid. You CAN do it - if you only go about it in earnest. And when you have immersed yourself in what you love, life will seem entirely different to you - you will feel happier, freer, stronger, more positive, and will be more successful in every undertaking of Life.

Start it today, make up your mind that this member must STAY - do compromise matters with it, insist upon an absolute surrender on your part. You will find the task easy at first, but each time you surrender it, it will grow stronger, and you will be stronger. Turn on its nourishment - feed it to live - it can live in a thought atmosphere of Loving. So, start to fill your mind with good, strong, Loving thoughts - keep yourself busy thinking of what you Love, and Love will live of its own accord. Love is positive, and you may be sure that the positive will prevail.

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To achieve love, one should hold firmly to the mental attitude of Love. They should think Love, say Love, act Love. They should keep the mental picture of Love before them all the time, until it becomes their normal mental attitude. Hold the ideal firmly before you and you will gradually grow to its attainment - the ideal will become manifest.

Let the word "Love" sink deeply into your mind, and then hold it firmly there until the mind fastens it in place. Think of yourself as being Loving  - see yourself as acting with Love in situations. Realize that there is something to Love - that Serenity and Love always help someone, and always will. Realize that Love frees effort, and promotes activity.

The confident, courageous, expectant, "I Can and I Will" person is a mighty magnet. They attract to themselves just what is needed for their success. Things seem to come their way, and people say they are "lucky." It's all in the Mental Attitude. And the Mental Attitude of the "I Can" or the "I'm in love" person also determines their measure of success. It is clear.  You have but to look about you to realize the truth of what I have said. Did you ever know a successful person who did not have the "I Can and I will" thought strong within them? Why, they will walk with the "I Can" person, who has perhaps even the same ability. The first mental attitude brought to the surface latent qualities, as well as attracted help from outside; whilst the second mental attitude not only attracted "I Can" people and things, but also helped the person's own powers to manifest themselves. I have demonstrated the correctness of these views, and so have many others, and the number of people who know these things is growing every day.

Invest your Thought-Force, use it to advantage. Start attracting to yourself success, happiness, harmony, joy - begin now and send out a current of bright, positive, happy thought.