Mind Building - Page 3


I AM Asserting the Mastery of My Real Self

Repeat these words earnestly and positively during the day at least once an hour, and particularly when you are confronted with conditions which repel you to follow the course dictated by the Real Self. In the moment of certainty and action say these words earnestly, and your way will be made clear to you. Repeat them several times after you retire and settle yourself to sleep. But be sure to back up the words with the thought inspiring them. Form the mental image of the Real Self asserting its mastery over the lower planes of your mind - see the Ruler on their Throne. You will become conscious of an influx of new thought, and things which have seemed not easy for you will suddenly become much easier. You will feel that you have yourself well in hand, and that YOU are the master. The thought you are holding will manifest itself in action, and you will steadily grow to become that which you have in mind.


Fix the mind firmly on the higher Self and draw inspiration from it when you do not feel led to the promptings of the higher part of your nature. When you are tempted to not relax into Calm - assert the "I," and your voice will drop. Calm is worthy of the developed Self. When you feel not peaceful and serene, remember what you are, and stay with your feeling. When you do not feel Courageous, remember that the Real Self loves everything, and assert Courage. When you do not feel Generosity inciting, think of your higher nature, and laugh. And so on, asserting the Real Self and allowing the things on the higher plane of mentality to guide you.

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