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Those who have developed their mind so that it will allow the Will Power to manifest through it, have opened up wonderful possibilities for themselves. Not only have they found a great power at their command, but they are able to bring into play, and use, faculties, talents and abilities of whose existence they have not dreamed. This secret of the Will is the magic key which opens all doors.

The late Donald G. Mitchell once wrote: "Resolve is what makes a person manifest; strong resolve, and crude determination; accurate purpose - and that strong and indefatigable will which brings in ease and safety, as a child treads down the heaving frost-lands of winter; which kindles their eye and brain with a proud pulse-beat toward the unattainable. Will makes people giants."

Many of us feel that if we would but exert our Will, we might accomplish wonders. Some do seem to want to take the trouble - at any rate; they do get to the actual willing point. They start right away, and talk specifically of "now," and that now has come.

We instinctively feel the power of the Will, and we have enough energy to exercise it, and steer towards our goals, perhaps some friendly circumstance arises, some helpful person appears in our path, or some kindly desire stirs us into action, in either of which cases we are compelled to assert our Will and thus begin to accomplish something.

The good thing with some of us is that we do want to do the thing enough to make us exert our Will Power. We do want to hard enough. We are mentally active and of strong Desire. If you do not like the word Desire substitute for it the word "Aspiration." (Some people call the lower impulses Desires, and the higher, Aspirations - it's all a matter of words, take your choice.) That is the good thing.

The Secret of the Will - Page 1

WHILE psychologists may differ in their theories regarding the nature of the Will, all affirm its existence, and its power. All persons recognize the power of strong Will - all see how it may be used to overcome the greatest obstacles. Some realize that the Will may be developed and strengthened by intelligent practice. They feel that they could accomplish wonders if they had a strong Will, and when attempting to develop it, they spur themselves with reliable satisfaction. They breathe, and do it.

Those who have investigated the subject closely know that Will Power, with all its latent possibilities and mighty powers, may be developed, disciplined, controlled and directed, just as may be any other of Nature's forces. You may entertain any theory about the nature of the Will, and you will still obtain the results if you practice intelligently.

Personally, I have a somewhat odd theory about the Will. I believe that everyone has, potentially, a strong Will, and that all they have to do is to train their mind to make use of it. I think that in the higher regions of the mind of everyone has a great store of Will Power awaiting their use. The Will current is running along the psychic wires, and all that it is necessary to do is to raise the mental trolley-pole and bring down the power for your use. And the supply is unlimited, for your little storage battery is connected with the great powerhouse of the Universal Will Power, and the power is inexhaustible. Your Will is just there it is your Mind that needs training. The mind is the instrument and the supply of Will Power is proportionate to the fineness of the instrument through which it manifests. Accept this theory if you like it. But, this lesson will fit any theory as well as mine.

Mind Building - Page 4

They are worthy of you, and can teach you your proper place. Allow these higher things to become you - they should be you. You must stay on this plane, and the only way to do so is to join with these phases of thought which have been "leading things" to suit the best for all. You may not find it easy at the start, keep at it and you will have that satisfaction which comes only from joining the higher parts of our nature. Now is the time to free yourselves. If you will follow these exercises faithfully you will be a different being by the end of the year, and will look back with a smile to your former condition. It takes work. This is a task for earnest adults, Will YOU make the effort?

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