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I have noticed, in my own affairs, that when I would allow myself to be focused only on my regular line of work, it would be only a short time before my receipts picked up, and my business showed signs of a increase in vitality. Now, many may say that this was because I left done everything I could in the business. This is true; but I have noticed like results in cases where there was nothing to be done - cases in which the seed was sown, and the crop was awaited. And in just such cases, as soon as I directed my thought to the matter the seed began to sprout. I simply began to realize what a good thing I had, and how much people wanted it, and how glad they would be to know of it and all that sort of thing, and lo! My thought seemed to vitalize the work, and the seed began to sprout. This is true, for I have experienced it on several occasions; I have spoken to many others on the subject, and I find that our experiences tally perfectly. So get into the habit of focusing on what you love. Keep your Desire fresh and active, and let it get in its work with aid from harmonious desires. Keep in love with the thing you wish to attain - feed your fancy with it - see it as accomplished already, keep your interest. Keep your eye on the main chance, and keep your one ruling passion strong and vigorous. Be a mental monogamist - one mental love is all that a person needs - that is, one at a time.

Some scientists have claimed that something that might as well be called "Love" is at the bottom of the whole of life. They claim that the love of the plant for water causes it to send forth its roots until the loved thing is found. They say that the love of the flower for the sun causes it to grow away from the dark places, so that it may receive the light. The so-called "chemical affinities" are really a form of love. And Desire is a manifestation of this Universal Life Love. So I mean what I say when I tell you that you must love the thing you wish to attain. Only intense love will enable you to stay on your path.

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And the person in search of success must make of that desired thing their ruling passion - they must keep their mind on the main chance. Success requires focus. It demands a persons whole affection, and if they give it their all, it will soon embrace them. If a person allows their strong interest in the main chance to be focused, they will be the winner. Mental Force operates best when it is concentrated. You must give to the desired thing your best and most earnest thought. Just as the person who is thoroughly in love will think out plans and schemes whereby they may please the fair one, so will the person who is in love with their work or business give it their best thought, and the result will be that a hundred and one plans will come into their field of consciousness, many of which are very important. The mind works on the subconscious plane, remember, and almost always along the lines of the ruling passion or desire. It will fix up things, and patch together plans and schemes, and when you need them the most it will pop them into your consciousness, and you will feel like hurrahing, just as if you had received some valuable aid from outside.

If you focus your thought-force, the subconscious mind will know just how to please you, and the result is that you are apt to be helped from this source of aid and assistance. Beside this, you will see the powerful result of concentrated thought in the conscious working out of the details of your plans. And then again the person whose mind is full of a single interest will exert the attracting power that is manifested by the person of the one ruling passion, and draws to them persons, things, and results that will aid in the working out of their plans, and will also place themselves in the current of attraction whereby they are brought into contact with those who will be glad to help them because of harmonious interests.

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WE have discussed the necessity of focusing on what you love, that your desire may have full strength with which to work. Supposing that you have mastered this part of the task, or at least started on the road to mastery, I will now call your attention to another important branch of the subject. I allude to the subject of mental focus. I mean the focus arising from your focusing on what you love. The focus I am now referring to is that occasioned by the habit of having the attention attracted to and focused on only what you love.

In order to attain a thing it is necessary that the mind should fall in love with it, and be conscious of its existence, almost to the exclusion of everything else. You must get in love with the thing you wish to attain, just as much as you would if you were to meet the person you wished to marry. But, I do mean that you should maintain interest in everything else in the world that you love - that will do, for the mind must have recreation and change. But, I do mean that you must be so "set" upon the desired thing that all else will seem of secondary importance. A person in love may be pleasant to everyone else, and may go through the duties and pleasures of life with good spirit, but underneath it all they are humming to themselves "Just One Love;" and every one of their actions is bent toward getting that Love, and making a comfortable home for them. Do you see what I mean? You must get in love with the thing you want, and you must get in love with it in earnest, an "everyday" sort of love, the good old-fashioned kind, that used to make it impossible for a young person to get to sleep unless they took a walk around their best love's house, just to be sure it was still there. That's the real kind!

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If you prefer trying it on some mental trait of which you wish to have, it will work the same way. Start in to cultivate the trait, and think it out and act it out for all you are worth. Then watch the change that will come over you. Be encouraged at the simplicity you will encounter at first, sing gaily: "I Can and I Will," and get to work in earnest. The important thing in this work is to keep cheerful and interested. When you do this, the rest will be easy.

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These recipes are psychological truths and may be used by you to advantage. If you once comprehend the nature of the thing, the affirmations and autosuggestions of the several schools may be understood and taken advantage of. You may make yourself energetic and active, by this method. It is all a matter of practice and steady work. New Thought people often have much to say about "holding the thought;" and, indeed, it is necessary to "hold the thought" in order to accomplish results. But something more is needed. You must "act out" the thought until it becomes a fixed habit with you. Thoughts take form in action; and in turn actions influence thought. So by "acting out" certain lines of thought, the actions react upon the mind, and increase the development of the part of the mind having close relation to the act. Each time the mind entertains a thought, the easier becomes the resulting action - and each time an act is performed, the easier becomes the corresponding thought. So you see the thing works both ways - action and reaction. If you feel cheerful and happy, it is very natural for you to laugh. And if you will laugh a little, you will begin to feel bright and cheerful. Do you see what I am trying to get at? Here it is, in a nutshell: if you wish to cultivate a certain habit of action, begin by cultivating the mental attitude corresponding to it. And as a means of cultivating that mental attitude, start in to "act-out " or go through, the motions of the act corresponding to the thought. Now, see if you can apply this rule. Take up something that you really feel should be done, but which you do not feel like doing. Cultivate the thought leading up to it - say to yourself: "I like to do so and so," and then go through the motions (cheerfully, remember!) and act out the thought that you like to do the thing. Take an interest in the doing - study out the best way to do it - put brains into it - take a pride in it - and you will find yourself doing the thing with a considerable amount of pleasure and interest - you will have cultivated a new habit.