The Attractive Power - Desire Force - Page 2

And the person in search of success must make of that desired thing their ruling passion - they must keep their mind on the main chance. Success requires focus. It demands a persons whole affection, and if they give it their all, it will soon embrace them. If a person allows their strong interest in the main chance to be focused, they will be the winner. Mental Force operates best when it is concentrated. You must give to the desired thing your best and most earnest thought. Just as the person who is thoroughly in love will think out plans and schemes whereby they may please the fair one, so will the person who is in love with their work or business give it their best thought, and the result will be that a hundred and one plans will come into their field of consciousness, many of which are very important. The mind works on the subconscious plane, remember, and almost always along the lines of the ruling passion or desire. It will fix up things, and patch together plans and schemes, and when you need them the most it will pop them into your consciousness, and you will feel like hurrahing, just as if you had received some valuable aid from outside.

If you focus your thought-force, the subconscious mind will know just how to please you, and the result is that you are apt to be helped from this source of aid and assistance. Beside this, you will see the powerful result of concentrated thought in the conscious working out of the details of your plans. And then again the person whose mind is full of a single interest will exert the attracting power that is manifested by the person of the one ruling passion, and draws to them persons, things, and results that will aid in the working out of their plans, and will also place themselves in the current of attraction whereby they are brought into contact with those who will be glad to help them because of harmonious interests.

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