The Attractive Power - Desire Force - Page 3

I have noticed, in my own affairs, that when I would allow myself to be focused only on my regular line of work, it would be only a short time before my receipts picked up, and my business showed signs of a increase in vitality. Now, many may say that this was because I left done everything I could in the business. This is true; but I have noticed like results in cases where there was nothing to be done - cases in which the seed was sown, and the crop was awaited. And in just such cases, as soon as I directed my thought to the matter the seed began to sprout. I simply began to realize what a good thing I had, and how much people wanted it, and how glad they would be to know of it and all that sort of thing, and lo! My thought seemed to vitalize the work, and the seed began to sprout. This is true, for I have experienced it on several occasions; I have spoken to many others on the subject, and I find that our experiences tally perfectly. So get into the habit of focusing on what you love. Keep your Desire fresh and active, and let it get in its work with aid from harmonious desires. Keep in love with the thing you wish to attain - feed your fancy with it - see it as accomplished already, keep your interest. Keep your eye on the main chance, and keep your one ruling passion strong and vigorous. Be a mental monogamist - one mental love is all that a person needs - that is, one at a time.

Some scientists have claimed that something that might as well be called "Love" is at the bottom of the whole of life. They claim that the love of the plant for water causes it to send forth its roots until the loved thing is found. They say that the love of the flower for the sun causes it to grow away from the dark places, so that it may receive the light. The so-called "chemical affinities" are really a form of love. And Desire is a manifestation of this Universal Life Love. So I mean what I say when I tell you that you must love the thing you wish to attain. Only intense love will enable you to stay on your path.

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