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So reach out for these playthings of life - these baubles of this plane of consciousness. Reach out for them - grab a whole fistful - play with them until you are satisfied; that's what they are made for, anyway. They are made for our express use - to be played with, if you desire. Help yourself - there's a whole shopful of these toys awaiting your desire, demand and taking. Be bold! Let me hear more of this wonderful talk about you being good enough. Yes! You are like the Emperor's little child knowing that they are good enough for the tin soldiers and toy drum, and gleefully reaching out for them. You do find this with children as a rule. They instinctively recognize that they are good enough for anything. They want all that is in sight to play with, and they seem to feel that the things are theirs by right. And that is the condition of mind that we seekers after the Divine Adventure must cultivate. When we become as little children we can enter the Kingdom of Happiness.

The things we see around us are the playthings of the Kindergarten of the Cosmos, playthings which we use in our game-tasks. Help yourself to them - ask for them with boldness. Demand as many as you can make use of - they are yours. And if you don't see just what you want, ask for it - there's a big reserve stock on the shelves, and in the closets. Play, play, play, to your heart's content. Learn to weave mats - to build houses with the blocks - to stitch outlines on the squares - play the game through, and play it well. And demand all the proper materials for the play - be bold - there's enough to go round.

But - remember this! While all this be true, the best things are still only game-things - toys, blocks, mats, cubes, and all the rest. Useful, most useful for the learning of the lessons - pleasant, most pleasant with which to play - and desirable, most desirable, for these purposes.

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In such a case your mind will rejoice at proceeding with the work, for it instinctively will be drawn to the idea of taking what is your own - the mind is honest. When you realize that the best the Universe holds belongs to you as a Divine Heir, and that there is enough for all; then the road is paved, and the path clear, and the Law proceeds to do its work.

I do believe in this "bold" business.

This bold and lofty attitude does appeal to me - there is sense in it. The idea of making a virtue of such things, when Humanity is the heir of the Universe, and is entitled to whatever they need for their growth, happiness and satisfaction! I do mean that one should assume a quiet and confident attitude of mind - that also makes sense, for true strength does so exhibit itself. The quiet and confident person is a self-confessed powerhouse - they are quiet and confident because of their strength. The truly strong person is calm, self-contained, and carries with them a consciousness of strength. Be calm and self-contained -have this "bold and lofty" attitude of mind. Remember the wonderful example of Ghandi, and be aware of imitating him. Throw back your head, and look the world square in the face. There's so much to love - the world is apt to be as much in love with you, as you are with it, anyway. Be a human being. And this applies to your mental attitude, as well as to your outward demeanor. Stand up in your mind. See yourself as standing erect and facing life with love, and you will gradually grow into your ideal.

You are worthy of anything you desire - anything. The best there is, is not beginning to be good enough for you; for there are still better things ahead. The best gift that the world has to offer is a mere bauble compared to the great things in the Cosmos that await your coming of age.

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Say to it that you are worthy of the best there is, and that you are good enough for whatever it is you want, and you will be likely to have the Law take you in earnest, and say, "I guess you are right; I'm going to give you the whole bakeshop if you want it - you know your rights, and I will abide them." When you say, "I am worthy! The Law will say, "Surely they ought to know, and it is for me to agree with them." And so it goes.

Why are you worthy? Did you ever stop to think just what you are? You are a manifestation of the Whole Thing, and have a perfect right to all there is. Or, if you prefer it this way, you are a child of the Infinite, and are heir to it all. You are telling the truth in either statement, or both. At any rate, no matter for what you ask, you are merely demanding your own. And the more in earnest you are about demanding it - the more confident you are of receiving it - the more will you use in reaching out for it - the surer you will be to obtain it.

Strong desire - confident expectation - courage in action - these things bring to you your own. But before you put these forces into effect, you must awaken to a realization that you are merely asking for your own, and for something to which you have a right and a valid claim. So long as there exists in your mind the complete understanding as to your right to the things you want, you will be setting up an attraction to what you want in accordance to the operation of the Law. You may demand as vigorously as you please, and you will have the courage to act, when you are completely certain of your right to the thing you want. When you
persist in regarding the desired thing as if it belonged to you, you will be placing yourself in the position of the abundant and inspired person, and in the position of a honest law abiding citizen.

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IN a recent conversation, I was telling a woman to pluck up courage and to reach out for a certain good thing for which she had been longing for many years, and which, at last, appeared to be in sight. I told her that it looked as if her desire was about to be gratified - that the Law of Attraction was bringing it to her and she was good enough for it. She had faith, and kept on repeating, "Oh! It is true - I am good enough for it!" She had emerged, and she chose to enter the Promised Land because she "was good enough for it." I succeeded in putting sufficient "ginger" into her to enable her to claim her own, for the last reports indicate that she is taking possession.

That is what I wish to tell you. I want to call your attention to the fact that YOU are good enough - no matter how great the thing may be - you are deserving. You are entitled to the best there is, for it is your direct inheritance. So be encouraged to ask - demand - and take. The good things of the world are the portion of anyone. They belong to all, but they come only to those who are wise enough to recognize that the good things are theirs by right, and who are sufficiently courageous to reach out for them. Many good things are won for the asking. Many splendid things are available to you because of your feeling that you are worthy of them. Many great things are available to you because you have the confidence and courage to demand and take possession of them.

"None but the brave deserves the fair," says the old adage, and the rule is true in all lines of human effort. If you keep on repeating that you are worthy of the good thing - that you are good enough for it - the Law will be apt to take you at your word and believe what you say. That's a peculiar thing about the Law - it believes - what you say - it takes you in earnest. So beware what you say to it, for it will be apt to give credence.

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Save up your good thoughts for "copy" if you are a writer; save up your bright schemes for actual practice, if you are a business person; save up your wisdom for occasion, if you are a statesperson.

Get down to business. Start investing good raw material, and start to work making something worthwhile.

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