Claiming your Own - Page 3

In such a case your mind will rejoice at proceeding with the work, for it instinctively will be drawn to the idea of taking what is your own - the mind is honest. When you realize that the best the Universe holds belongs to you as a Divine Heir, and that there is enough for all; then the road is paved, and the path clear, and the Law proceeds to do its work.

I do believe in this "bold" business.

This bold and lofty attitude does appeal to me - there is sense in it. The idea of making a virtue of such things, when Humanity is the heir of the Universe, and is entitled to whatever they need for their growth, happiness and satisfaction! I do mean that one should assume a quiet and confident attitude of mind - that also makes sense, for true strength does so exhibit itself. The quiet and confident person is a self-confessed powerhouse - they are quiet and confident because of their strength. The truly strong person is calm, self-contained, and carries with them a consciousness of strength. Be calm and self-contained -have this "bold and lofty" attitude of mind. Remember the wonderful example of Ghandi, and be aware of imitating him. Throw back your head, and look the world square in the face. There's so much to love - the world is apt to be as much in love with you, as you are with it, anyway. Be a human being. And this applies to your mental attitude, as well as to your outward demeanor. Stand up in your mind. See yourself as standing erect and facing life with love, and you will gradually grow into your ideal.

You are worthy of anything you desire - anything. The best there is, is not beginning to be good enough for you; for there are still better things ahead. The best gift that the world has to offer is a mere bauble compared to the great things in the Cosmos that await your coming of age.

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