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IN a recent conversation, I was telling a woman to pluck up courage and to reach out for a certain good thing for which she had been longing for many years, and which, at last, appeared to be in sight. I told her that it looked as if her desire was about to be gratified - that the Law of Attraction was bringing it to her and she was good enough for it. She had faith, and kept on repeating, "Oh! It is true - I am good enough for it!" She had emerged, and she chose to enter the Promised Land because she "was good enough for it." I succeeded in putting sufficient "ginger" into her to enable her to claim her own, for the last reports indicate that she is taking possession.

That is what I wish to tell you. I want to call your attention to the fact that YOU are good enough - no matter how great the thing may be - you are deserving. You are entitled to the best there is, for it is your direct inheritance. So be encouraged to ask - demand - and take. The good things of the world are the portion of anyone. They belong to all, but they come only to those who are wise enough to recognize that the good things are theirs by right, and who are sufficiently courageous to reach out for them. Many good things are won for the asking. Many splendid things are available to you because of your feeling that you are worthy of them. Many great things are available to you because you have the confidence and courage to demand and take possession of them.

"None but the brave deserves the fair," says the old adage, and the rule is true in all lines of human effort. If you keep on repeating that you are worthy of the good thing - that you are good enough for it - the Law will be apt to take you at your word and believe what you say. That's a peculiar thing about the Law - it believes - what you say - it takes you in earnest. So beware what you say to it, for it will be apt to give credence.

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