Claiming your Own - Page 2

Say to it that you are worthy of the best there is, and that you are good enough for whatever it is you want, and you will be likely to have the Law take you in earnest, and say, "I guess you are right; I'm going to give you the whole bakeshop if you want it - you know your rights, and I will abide them." When you say, "I am worthy! The Law will say, "Surely they ought to know, and it is for me to agree with them." And so it goes.

Why are you worthy? Did you ever stop to think just what you are? You are a manifestation of the Whole Thing, and have a perfect right to all there is. Or, if you prefer it this way, you are a child of the Infinite, and are heir to it all. You are telling the truth in either statement, or both. At any rate, no matter for what you ask, you are merely demanding your own. And the more in earnest you are about demanding it - the more confident you are of receiving it - the more will you use in reaching out for it - the surer you will be to obtain it.

Strong desire - confident expectation - courage in action - these things bring to you your own. But before you put these forces into effect, you must awaken to a realization that you are merely asking for your own, and for something to which you have a right and a valid claim. So long as there exists in your mind the complete understanding as to your right to the things you want, you will be setting up an attraction to what you want in accordance to the operation of the Law. You may demand as vigorously as you please, and you will have the courage to act, when you are completely certain of your right to the thing you want. When you
persist in regarding the desired thing as if it belonged to you, you will be placing yourself in the position of the abundant and inspired person, and in the position of a honest law abiding citizen.

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