Claiming your Own - Page 4

So reach out for these playthings of life - these baubles of this plane of consciousness. Reach out for them - grab a whole fistful - play with them until you are satisfied; that's what they are made for, anyway. They are made for our express use - to be played with, if you desire. Help yourself - there's a whole shopful of these toys awaiting your desire, demand and taking. Be bold! Let me hear more of this wonderful talk about you being good enough. Yes! You are like the Emperor's little child knowing that they are good enough for the tin soldiers and toy drum, and gleefully reaching out for them. You do find this with children as a rule. They instinctively recognize that they are good enough for anything. They want all that is in sight to play with, and they seem to feel that the things are theirs by right. And that is the condition of mind that we seekers after the Divine Adventure must cultivate. When we become as little children we can enter the Kingdom of Happiness.

The things we see around us are the playthings of the Kindergarten of the Cosmos, playthings which we use in our game-tasks. Help yourself to them - ask for them with boldness. Demand as many as you can make use of - they are yours. And if you don't see just what you want, ask for it - there's a big reserve stock on the shelves, and in the closets. Play, play, play, to your heart's content. Learn to weave mats - to build houses with the blocks - to stitch outlines on the squares - play the game through, and play it well. And demand all the proper materials for the play - be bold - there's enough to go round.

But - remember this! While all this be true, the best things are still only game-things - toys, blocks, mats, cubes, and all the rest. Useful, most useful for the learning of the lessons - pleasant, most pleasant with which to play - and desirable, most desirable, for these purposes.

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