How to become susceptible to healthful Thought Attraction - Page 4

So long as Love is around with its "and," "also," "let's," "I'm happy," "I can," "It's perfect," and all the rest of its loving suggestions, you will be able to use your Thought Force to the best advantage. With love in your life, you will have clear sailing, and every inch of thought- sail will catch the wind. Love is a keeper. Onboard with it! (The ship that keeps Love will have my congratulations.)

I advise that you start in to do some of the things which you feel you could do that you would Love to do. Start to work to do these things, affirming Love all the way through, and you will be surprised to see how the changed mental attitude will keep your path clear, and will make things very much easier. Exercises of this kind will develop you wonderfully, and you will be much gratified at the result of a little practice along these lines.

There are many things before you awaiting accomplishment, which you can master by placing Love front and center - accept the command, and boldly assert the "I" and its power. And the best way to build Love is to assert "Love" and start thinking of things you Love. By this plan you will train the mind into new habits of thought, thus creating new positive thoughts which will pull you up, and push you forward. Take the word "Love" with you as your watchword and manifest it in action.

Remember, the only thing is to Love, and - well, do even love Love, for it is a courageous ally, who will stand with you.

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