How to become susceptible to healthful Thought Attraction - Page 2

To achieve love, one should hold firmly to the mental attitude of Love. They should think Love, say Love, act Love. They should keep the mental picture of Love before them all the time, until it becomes their normal mental attitude. Hold the ideal firmly before you and you will gradually grow to its attainment - the ideal will become manifest.

Let the word "Love" sink deeply into your mind, and then hold it firmly there until the mind fastens it in place. Think of yourself as being Loving  - see yourself as acting with Love in situations. Realize that there is something to Love - that Serenity and Love always help someone, and always will. Realize that Love frees effort, and promotes activity.

The confident, courageous, expectant, "I Can and I Will" person is a mighty magnet. They attract to themselves just what is needed for their success. Things seem to come their way, and people say they are "lucky." It's all in the Mental Attitude. And the Mental Attitude of the "I Can" or the "I'm in love" person also determines their measure of success. It is clear.  You have but to look about you to realize the truth of what I have said. Did you ever know a successful person who did not have the "I Can and I will" thought strong within them? Why, they will walk with the "I Can" person, who has perhaps even the same ability. The first mental attitude brought to the surface latent qualities, as well as attracted help from outside; whilst the second mental attitude not only attracted "I Can" people and things, but also helped the person's own powers to manifest themselves. I have demonstrated the correctness of these views, and so have many others, and the number of people who know these things is growing every day.

Invest your Thought-Force, use it to advantage. Start attracting to yourself success, happiness, harmony, joy - begin now and send out a current of bright, positive, happy thought.

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