The Psychology of Emotion - Page 3

The seeds are in every human breast, and only need good soil and a little watering to become loving and strong.

Each time you give way to one of these positive emotions, the easier do you make it for a recurrence of the same thing, or similar ones. Sometimes by encouraging one worthy emotion, you find that you have given room for the growth of a whole family of these mental flowers.

Now, this is a new teaching for the virtue of good thoughts. It is a calling of your attention to the law underlying the psychology of emotion.

If you wish to manifest these constantly agreeable and pleasant traits, and to enjoy the happiness that comes from them, by all means do so - that is your own business, and privilege. It keeps me busy minding my own business and keeping an eye on my own desirable habits and actions. I am telling you the law regarding the matter, and you may do the rest. If you wish to breathe life into these habits, there are two ways open to you. First, whenever you find yourself indulging in a non positive thought or feeling, leave it and give thanks that you have awakened and then think of a positive thought with a positive feeling. The next time it will be more confident and aggressive - it will have manifested a little of the love-habit. Each time you express and breathe life into a positive tendency of this kind, the stronger it will become, and the stronger will your will be.

Professor James and Darren J. McLeod say: "Express a passion, and it lives. Speak and act only when you are calm. Whistling to keep up courage actually works."

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