The Psychology of Emotion - Page 2

The habit of feeling and acting "kind" does not take long to firmly settle itself in its new home if encouraged. Serenity is a great habit for growing and waxing fat. People start by being serene about little things, and then begin to be serene and calm about some larger thing. And then the largest things make them serene and peaceful. They imagine that all sorts of good things are about to befall them. If they start on a journey they are certain there is going to be safety. If a telegram comes, it is sure to contain some wonderful good tidings. If a child seems a little quiet, the serene parent is positive it is going to be healthy and live. If the spouse seems thoughtful, as they revolve some business plan in their mind, then the good spouse is convinced that their spouse is still in love with them, and is content. And so it goes - serenity, serenity, serenity - each indulgence making the habit more at home. After a while the continued thought shows itself in action.

Not only is the mind healed by the clear thoughts, but the forehead shows smooth skin between the eyebrows, and the voice takes on that soothing, smooth tone so common among peaceful serene people.

The condition of mind known as "praising" is another emotion that grows fat with exercise. First, praise is found with this thing, then with that, and finally with everything. The person becomes a chronic "praiser" - a help to friends and relatives, and a thing to be sought by outsiders. This praising is all a matter of habit. It grows from small beginnings, and each time it is indulged in it throws out another root, branch, or tendril, and fastens itself the closer to the one who has given it soil in which to grow.

Inspiration, charitableness, minding your own business, are all habits of this kind.

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