The Transmutation of Non-Positive Thought - Page 3

But if you really Desire a thing in earnest, you will pay the price without question; for the Desire will dwarf the importance of the other things.

You say that you want a thing very much, and are doing everything possible toward its attainment? Yes! You are serious about Desire. You want the thing more than anything else - as much as you want life. Look at the almost miraculous things accomplished by persons of great desire. Your desire is as strong as that. You work for the desired thing as if your life depended upon it. Wonderful! You know what Desire is. I tell you if a person wants a thing with great desire, as much as a strongly vital person wants life, then that person will be able to accomplish almost anything. The key to attainment is Desire, Confidence, and Will. This key will open many doors.

Love frees Desire - it breathes life into it. You must do what you love. There have been times in my life when Love would get hold of me and take a good, firm grip on my vitals, and I would have hope; interest; ambition; desire. I am grateful, I have always managed to hold onto the grip of the angel and face my situation  like an adult; and lo! Things would seem to be straightened out for me somehow. Either the situation would melt away or I would be given means to overcome, or get around, or under or over it. It is strange how this works. No matter how great is the situation, when we finally face it with courage and confidence in ourselves, we seem to pull through somehow, and then we begin to know what we were in love with. This is reality, it is the working of a mighty law, which we have begun to understand, and which we may prove at any time.

People often ask: "it's all very well for you New Thought people to say 'Be serene,' but what's a person to do when they think of non serene things ahead of them, which might make them non serene?

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