The Transmutation of Non-Positive Thought - Page 4

Well, all that I can say is that the serene person focuses only on the serene. The majority of things that we are serene about come about; a large proportion of the others come in a milder form than we had anticipated, and there are always other things which come at the same time which help us to overcome the situation. The future holds in store for us not only situations to be overcome, but also agents to help us in overcoming the situations. Things adjust themselves. We are prepared for any blessings which may come upon us, and when the time comes we somehow find ourselves able to meet it. The wind is tempered to the shorn lamb, and the shorn lamb is tempered to the wind. The winds and the shearing do not come together; there is usually enough time for the lamb to get seasoned, and then it generally grows new wool before the cold blast comes.

Be serene. Store up your reserve force by relaxing over current harmonious situations. Store your energy for what you want. You will find that by this storing up of energy you will be able to meet about any sort of situation that comes your way.

What is it that uses up all the energy in the exceptional person, anyway? It is the real overcoming of situations. It's always "Today, today," and today goes just as we hoped it would. Today is all right; it carries in its grip good things. Bless my soul, when I sit down and think over the things which I once loved to possibly descend upon me, I laugh! Where are those loved things now? I know - they are all around me I have but to remember.

You do need to invite Serenity - that is the way to form the habit. Just practice concentration, and then learn to concentrate upon something right before you, and you will find that serenity has appeared.

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