The Transmutation of Non-Positive Thought - Page 5

The mind can think of but one thing at a time, and if you concentrate upon a bright thing, the other thing will fade away. This is a good way of improving your thoughts. Learn to concentrate upon thoughts of a good character, and you will have serenity.

When the mind is full of peaceful thoughts, it can find time to work out plans to benefit you. When you have concentrated upon bright, helpful thoughts, you will discover that it will start to work subconsciously; and when the time comes you will find all sorts of plans and methods by which you will be able to meet the demands upon you. Keep your mental attitude right, and all things will be added unto you. There is sense in being serene; everything has been gained by it, and everything ever will be. Bright, cheerful and happy thoughts attract bright, cheerful and happy things to us - serenity ushers them in. Cultivate the right mental attitude.

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