The Law of Mental Control - Page 2

To those who are acquainted with the laws of mental control it seems natural for one to lie asleep at night after giving thanks for the best situations of the day, or more often, of the morrow. It is just as easy to slow down the mind as it is to slow down an engine, and thousands of people are learning to do this in these days of New Thought. The best way to do it is to think of something you want - as detailed as possible. There is use inviting a harmonious thought with the purpose of "uping" it - that is a great use of energy, and the more you keep on saying, "I will think of this thing!" the more it keeps on coming into your mind, for you are holding it there for the purpose of hitting it. Grab on to it; give it another thought; fix the mind on something you want, and keep the attention there by an effort of the will. A little practice will do much for you in this direction. There is only room for one thing at a time in the focus of attention; so put all your attention upon one thought. Try it for yourself.

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