Asserting the Life-Force - Page 1

I have spoken to you of the advantage of doing what you Love. Now I wish to put LIFE into you. Go along with LIFE - have ambition - have energy - have vitality - have interest -  have life. This will do. You are thriving. Wake up and display a few signs of life! This is the place for wide-awake, active, live people, and a good general awakening is what is happening; some of the people have awakened and are going around telling others that they are alive, and that they are really alive to all that makes life worthwhile.

We must let Life flow through us, and allow it to express itself naturally. Do let the little serenities of life, and the big ones also, uplift you and cause you to gain vitality. Assert the Life Force within you, and manifest it in every thought, act and deed, and before long you will be exhilarated and fairly bubbling over with vitality and energy.

Put a little life into your work - into your pleasures - into yourself. Start doing things in a full-headed way, and begin to take an interest in what you are doing, saying and thinking. It is astonishing how much interest we may find in the ordinary things of life when we wake up. There are interesting things all around us - interesting events occurring every moment - we can be aware of them when we assert our life force and begin to actually live.

A person will amount to something when they put life into the tasks of everyday life - the acts - the thoughts. What the world needs is live people. Just look into the eyes of the people whom you meet, and see how many of them are really alive. Some of them have that expression of conscious life which distinguishes the person who lives.

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