Mind Building - Page 2

Just so long as we allow the higher portions of the self to give orders, we are masters. It is only when the "I" mounts their throne and lifts the scepter, that order is established and things assume their proper relation to each other.

We praise those who are swayed by their higher selves - they are in a higher grade of evolution, and will work up even further in time. We are calling the attention of those who are ready, to the fact that the Sovereign must assert their will, and that the subjects must obey. Orders must be given and carried out. Compliance must be raised up, and the rightful authority insisted upon. And the time to do it is Now.

You can request that your compliant subjects keep the King on their throne. You can have the mental kingdom be governed by responsible faculties. You can be the master of Desire, Worthy Thoughts, Love and Positiveness. The Will can be put foremost and High Desire can maintain the throne. You can have order in the mental kingdom. You are able to assert the mastery over any emotion, appetite, love or class of thoughts by the assertion of the Will. You can order Love to go to the front; Generosity to come into your presence; Kindness to enter into your sight; Calm to show itself; Serenity to begin visiting you; Controlled Desire and Love to raise their heads in confidence and to become noble masters - all by the assertion of the "I." You may surround yourself with the glorious company of Courage, Love and Self-Control, by the same means. You may raise up the compliance and secure peace and order in your mental kingdom if you will but utter the mandate and insist upon its execution. Before you march forth to empire, you must establish the proper internal condition - must show your ability to govern your own kingdom. The first operation is the giving of the Real Self by the lesser self.

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