A Talk about the Mind - Page 4

Humanity, the highest type of life yet produced, at least upon this planet, shows the highest form of Passive mentation, and also a much higher development of Active mentation than is seen in the lower animals, and yet the degrees of that power vary widely among people. Among people the different degrees of Active mentation are plainly noticeable; these degrees not depending by any means upon the amount of "culture," social position or educational advantages possessed by the individual: Mental Culture and Mental Development are two very different things.

You have but to look around you to see the different stages of the development of Active mentation in humanity. The reasoning of some people is Active mentation, exhibiting a lot of the qualities of volitional thought. They prefer to think for themselves. Active mentation invigorates them and they find the deliberate, conscious, Active mental process much easier. Their minds work along the lines of some resistance. They are more than human.

Among the higher types of people Active mentation is released upon the grosser and finer faculties - the material and mental plane; the higher mental faculties working along the deliberate, conscious lines of the Active function.

As the lower forms of life progressed in the evolutionary scale, they developed new faculties which were latent within them. These faculties always manifested in the form of rudimentary Passive functioning, and afterwards worked up through higher Passive forms, until the Active functions were brought into play. The evolutionary process still continues, the invariable tendency being toward the goal of highly developed Active mentation. This evolutionary progress is caused by the vibratory impulse imparted by the Primal Cause, aided by the uplifting attraction of THE ABSOLUTE.

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