A Talk about the Mind - Page 5

This law of evolution is still in progress, and humanity is beginning to develop new powers of mind, which, of course, are first manifesting themselves along the lines of Passive effort. Some people have developed these new faculties to a considerable degree, and it is possible that before long Humanity will be able to exercise them along the line of their Active functions. In fact, this power has already been attained by a few. This is the secret of the Oriental occultists, and of some of their Occidental brethren.

The amenability of the mind to the will can be increased by properly directed practice. That which we are in the habit of referring to as the "strengthening of the Will" is in reality the training of the mind to recognize and absorb the Power Within. The Will is strong enough, but the mind needs to be trained to receive and act upon the suggestions of the Will. The Will is the outward manifestation of the I AM. The Will current is flowing in full strength along the spiritual wires; but you must learn how to raise the trolley-pole to touch it before the mental car will move. This is a somewhat different idea from that which you have been in the habit of receiving from writers on the subject of Will Power, but it is correct, as you will demonstrate to your own satisfaction if you will follow up the subject by experiments along the proper lines.

The attraction of THE ABSOLUTE is drawing humanity  upward, and the vibratory force of the Primal Impulse continues. The time of evolutionary development has come when people can help themselves. The person who understands the Law can accomplish wonders by means of the development of the powers of the mind; whilst the person who faces the truth will benefit from their knowledge of the Law.

Those who understand the law of their mental being, develops their powers and uses them intelligently.

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