The Great Dynamic Forces - Page 4

The person who "gets there", usually starts out by realizing that they are very similar, after all, to the successful people that they hear so much about. This gives them confidence, and the result is they find out that they are able to "do things." Then they learn to keep their mouths closed, and to conserve and keep their energy. They store up energy, and concentrate it upon the task at hand. The person who "gets there," prefers to wait for the applause that follows deed accomplished, and cares very much for the praise that attends accomplishments of what we did "today," or an exhibition of "smartness" with works.

One of the reasons that people who are thrown in with successful persons often manifest success themselves, is that they are able to watch the successful person and sort of "catch the technique" of their greatness. They see that the successful person is an everyday sort of person, but they thoroughly believe in themselves, and also that they invest energy wisely, reserving all their force for the actual tasks before them. And, profiting by example, they start to work and put the lesson into practice in their own lives.

Now what is the moral of this talk? Simply this: Value yourself, and value the successful knowing they are very similar to you. Realize that you are made of good stuff, and that locked within your mind are many good things. Then get to work and unfold those good things, and make something out of that good stuff. Do this by attention to the things before you, and by giving to each the best that is in you, knowing that plenty of more good things are in you ready for the fresh tasks that will come. Put the best of yourself into the undertaking on hand, and do the present task only. Your supply is abundant. Save your good stuff for your job.

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