The Great Dynamic Forces - Page 2

Marshal your energy, and then guide and direct it by your Will - bestow upon it that "invincible determination" and you will do the thing.

Everyone has within them a giant will, some of us are energetic enough to use it. We can get ourselves nerved up to the point at which we can say, truthfully: "I Will. We can pluck up our courage to that point, and will then pin it in place so that it will stay, we call into play that wonderful power - the Human Will. Some have a conception of the power of the Will, those who have studied along the occult teachings, know that the Will is one of the great dynamic forces of the universe, and if harnessed and directed properly it is capable of accomplishing almost miraculous things.

"Energy and Invincible Determination": -- aren't they magnificent words? Commit them to memory - press them like a die into the wax of your mind, and they will be a constant inspiration to you in hours of need. If you can get these words to vibrating in your being, you will be a giant among pygmies. Say these words over and over again, and see how you are filled with new life - see how your blood will circulate - how your nerves will tingle. Make these words a part of yourself, and then go forth anew to the loves of your life, encouraged and strengthened. Put them into practice. "Energy and Invincible Determination" - let that be your motto in your work-a-day life, and you will be one of those people who are able to "do things."

Some persons are encouraged to do their best by the fact that they rate themselves as equal by comparison with the successful ones of life.

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