Thought Waves and their Process of Reproduction - Page 2

The person who believes thoroughly in themselves and maintains a positive strong mental attitude of Confidence and Determination is likely to be affected by the beneficial and positive thoughts of Encouragement and Success emanating from the minds of other persons in whom these last qualities predominate. At the same time these positive thoughts, if they reach one whose mental attitude is pitched on a high key, heighten their positive state and add fuel to the fire which is feeding their strength, or, if you prefer this figure, serve to further fan the fire of their energy and activity.

We attract to us the thoughts of others of the same order of thought. The person who thinks success will be apt to get into tune with the minds of others thinking likewise, and they will help the person, and the person them. The person who allows their mind to dwell constantly upon thoughts of success brings themselves into close touch with the minds of other "success" people, and each will tend to push the other up still more. The person who thinks that all is good is apt to see much good, and will be brought into contact with others who will seem to prove their theory. And the person who looks for good in everything and everybody will be likely to attract to themselves the things and people corresponding to their thought. We generally see that for which we look.

You will be able to carry this idea more clearly if you will think of the Marconi wireless instruments, which receive the vibrations only from the sending instrument which has been attuned to the same key, while other telegrams are passing through the air in near vicinity without affecting the instrument. The same law applies to the operations of thought. We receive only that which corresponds to our mental attunement.

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