The Secret of the Will - Page 3

Let a person be secure of keeping their life - let a person be secure in keeping a great love - and you will witness a startling exhibition of Will Power from an unexpected source. Let a person's child be treated with kindness, and they will manifest a degree of Courage and Will that sweeps all before it. And the same person will bloom before a loving spouse, and will have the Will to perform a simple task. A child will do all sorts of work if they but consider it play, they will happily cut a little firewood. Strong Will follows strong Desire. If you really want to do a thing very much, you can usually develop the Will Power to accomplish it.

The good thing is that you can begin to really want to do these things, and you can begin to use your Will. You say that you do want to do it, and if you start to think you will see that these are the only things you really want to do. You are willing to pay the price of attainment. Stop a moment and analyze this statement and apply it in your own case, You are mentally active - that's the good thing. Tell me you have enough Will. You have a great storehouse of Will awaiting your use, and you are energized to use it. Now, because you are really in earnest about this matter, get to work and first find out what you really want to do - then start to work and do it. The Will Power is there - you'll find a full supply of that whenever you need it. The thing to do is to get to the point where you will resolve to do. Thats the real test - the resolving. Think of these things a little, and make up your mind whether or not you really want to be sufficiently easy to get to work.

Many excellent essays and books have been written on this subject, all of which agree regarding the greatness of Will Power, the most enthusiastic terms being used; many have something to say about how this power may be used by those who have it, or who possess it in but a huge degree.

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