Thought Waves and their Process of Reproduction - Page 6

Keep yourself in a comfortable key, with a little effort, and have the means at command whereby you can raise the pitch at once when occasion demands. By this knowledge you will be in control of the new deliberate action of the mind, and have it well under your own control.

Development of the will is very much like the development of a muscle - a matter of practice and gradual improvement. At first it is apt to be not invigorating, but at each trial one grows stronger until the new strength becomes real and permanent. Many of us have made ourselves positive under sudden calls or emergencies. We are in the habit of "bracing up" when occasion demands. But by intelligent practice you will be so much strengthened that your habitual state will be equal to your "bracing up" stage now, and then when you find it necessary to apply the spur you will be able to reach a stage not dreamed of at present.

Understand me as advocating a medium positive projection continuously. This is desirable, because it is apt to be just enough of a strain upon you and also because you will find it desirable to relieve the tension at times and become positive receptive that you may absorb positive impressions. It is well to be able to relax and assume a certain degree of positive receptiveness, knowing that you are always able to spring back to the positive projective state at will. The habitually medium positive projective person maintains much enjoyment and recreation. Positive projective, you give out positive expressions; positive receptive, you take in positive impressions. Positive projective, you are a teacher; positive receptive, a pupil. It is not only a good thing to be a good teacher, but it is also very important to be a good listener at times.

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